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Design & Support Services

Working with Owners / End Users

If you’re an organization looking for parts or service for an existing control, or installation of a new setup altogether, we will work with you to map the project requirements. It starts with discovering the project needs before we move into design and quoting. We provide an array of options that are best fitting for our customers, working within budgets and control system expectations.

Our drive and focus is on building a trusted relationship with our customer. We stand by all of our products and ensure both the quality and integrity of our system designs meet the highest expectations. Once an installation is completed, we offer commissioning and training assistance on all systems for your operators.

Working with Contractors

Many of our customers are service or mechanical contractors who are in need of support with designing control systems or are undertaking a large project with complex needs. We can help analyze project requirements or quote specifically on an established project scope. Our design process is intricate, providing detailed installation schematics with professional specifications. We leave nothing to the imagination, giving contractors a powerful design they can present directly to their customers.

We’re happy to partner with companies looking for a controls expert to complete their project or bid. Once the project is scoped the whole process is very hands off, we will work independently to design the appropriate system. Our goal is to make the job as easy as possible, programming and fine tuning our products to the needs of each customer.

Excalibur Controls focuses specifically on HVAC & DDC Controls, providing the best selection of quality products.

Our products are supported by our team of experts who’ve worked in the industry for decades both distributing and working with numerous major brands. This experience makes the difference; having worked with the tools we distribute we can provide greater insight and advice than a simple parts counter.
Over the years we’ve grown to offer an extensive range of top quality products from industry leaders such as:

In addition, we also stock replacement parts for the following HVAC Equipment Manufacturers:



Spirax Sarco

Raypak Boilers

As a wholesaler and authorized dealer for numerous brands, we are a top provider of control products in Western Canada.


When we began Excalibur Control Products Inc. we had a very clear goal in mind, to be the best in controls design and distribution. We focus on a narrower range of products and provide superior knowledge and service to our clients. Our work history is broad and we cater to a variety of customer needs.

Direct Digital Control Systems

The foundation of our business is in providing the best Direct Digital Control systems on the market. These are the most innovative and high performance products, allowing finer tuning of systems along with remote monitoring and control. Working with top brands we make appropriate recommendations and build products to fit your needs.

Excalibur Control Products Inc.
Excalibur Control Products Inc.

Electric Control Systems

Electric Control Systems are a mid range product, offering good quality at a more affordable price. These simple to setup products offer resiliency and easy trouble shooting, while sacrificing the advanced user interface and remote operation of DDC systems. If you’re replacing an older system or building a completely new one, Electric Control Systems are a reliable and cost effective choice.

Pneumatic control systems

Pneumatic Control Systems are an older technology and one of the cheapest control products on the market. Though newer technology offers great advantages, pneumatic controls still provide a reliable system that is free of sparks for any explosion risk facilities. These products are easy to install, but require experience to calibrate and troubleshoot.

Excalibur Control Products Inc.

Browse our online information for a list of products we carry and feel free to contact us if you have an inquiry about a specific product.